Change is the single truth. All else is temporary fact.

#44 Returning to the Woods

Connecting the dots between ancient humanity’s quest for transcendent life and our own present day struggles. There are no answers here, only observations, questions, and commitment.

Ron Rivers

The Rivers’ Way

Imagination / Inventor / Writer / Founder w/ Exit / Organization Builder / Progressive / Community Service / Amateur Scholar / Public Speaker / Futurist /  BJJ Blackbelt / Coach / Avid Meditation / Novice Yogi / Vegetarian / Digital Marketer / WordPress Developer / Graphic Artist / Strategic Planner / Product Developer / Technologist

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Beware the Moderate

Beware the Moderate One of the most significant barriers to progressive change in America is the moderate, also known as the centrist. While the labels

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Reimagining Utopia

Reimagining Utopia American society has a dirty word that no one likes to talk about. It’s something that we’ve known about for a long time

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