Experiences, Observations, and Efforts.


Collaboration & Cooperative Projects

I am available for speaking engagements, consulting opportunities, and potential short and long-term collaborative projects.  For an extensive list of my experiences and skillset, please click here.

Below are projects and opportunities I am actively seeking:

Progressive Discussions:  I am looking to share my research and efforts with the Progressive community at large.  If you are putting together a forum for progressive-minded activists, elected officials, or general community members, please consider reaching out.

Political Policy Consulting:  My experience and efforts would best serve candidates who believe in a Progressive agenda.  Years of studying the teachings of Roberto Unger, Jeremy Rifkin, Ray Kurzweil, and others have provided me with a unique perspective on the future of the Progressive Agenda within the U.S. and the world. Combined with my experience as an entrepreneur who has identified and capitalized upon data dictated trends I seek to help forward-thinking candidates develop a platform and message that resonates with diverse groups of people.

The core of my political philosophy is that the world and its inhabitants are entering a state of rapid flux because of the exponential growth of technological advances. Therefore we require institutional reformation of both core and peripheral institutions to build a society that can grow and adapt in a manner that is empowered by these changes.  I firmly believe in a more open, equitable, and inclusive society is the inevitable future and am actively working towards making this narrative a reality.

Business Consulting:  A full list of my experiences and skillset can be accessed by clicking here.  I am interested in exploring ideas with companies and organizations that want to transform into more socially conscious models of themselves.  This could range from organizations looking to develop solutions under a non-profit structure to the transition of operations and strategy to be better suited towards the new knowledge economy.